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Reducing costs for the hybrid workforce

Posted by Hannah on 06 Sep 2022

So what about reducing costs for the remote worker? We’ve outlined how Reef can help you do just that: 

1. The Commute

One day of commuting is worth £82m to businesses in the UK; in the US, workers spent between $2,000 and $5,000 on transport to work alone each year before the pandemic. It’s obvious just how much it costs to spend a day at your desk. And, worse, these costs are growing.

By utilising Reef venues in your area, you can reduce the need for a car and/or that dreaded train journey, completely. Stimulate your creativity with a change of environment, without the cost of a lengthy commute. 


2. Food and drink 

We’re all well aware that eating out for lunch and buying coffee frequently can add up quickly, with the average worker spending around £2000 per year on lunch alone. For remote or hybrid workers, the cost tends to be much higher at around £65 per week. 

At the office, it’s common practice to take a lunch break, yet people have found it hard to stick to commitments when working from home, often eating lunch quickly behind laptops, or skipping lunch entirely. 

Reef members not only have a vast option of venues to choose from, but also receive exclusive venue discounts on food and drink, so you can enjoy that lunch out, or that coffee you’ve been craving without overspending.


3. Reduced expenses

As the cost-of-living crisis continues to deepen as we enter autumn, research shows that it may be having an impact on where people choose to work.

Currently, 63% of 1,000 British workers surveyed spend more time working from home than they did in the office, with 17% noting their working location preference may change as the cost of living crisis worsened.

Not surprising, when running a desktop computer for 8 hours a day will cost almost £36 a month, or that boiling the kettle 3 times a day will add £8 a month to energy bills.

Reef venues offer a wide variety of amenities to help you keep costs down at home, from free wifi and charging points to not having to worry about heating or how many times a day you boil the kettle for that over-due cup of tea. 


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