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Remote & flexibility is the future of work.

We know flexible working attracts and retains the best talent. Combine superb employee perks and discounts enabling companies to reap the benefits. Reducing your environmental impact should also be one of the top priorities of companies, and by bringing the workspace closer to employees, it’s one way Reef can help achieve this goal.

We have two missions. Our first is to support employee mental health and wellbeing when companies move into a hybrid working culture. Our second is to help the hospitality industry thrive moving forward to increase both foot fall and revenue.

Our story

“Reef has allowed our team to have the choice to work from somewhere else that isn't their home. Even better, they receive discounts on food and drink whilst they work! ”

Head of HR, FinTech

Our values


We aim to provide an excellent service, whether to businesses, employees, spaces, partners and our team.


We can always have more fun when working. With our vast array of quirky & fun spaces to collaborate and work from, there won’t ever be a dull moment when using the Reef app.


We take ownership of everything that happens, both good & bad.


Not only are we at Reef creating an app to help eliminate burnout and isolation in a hybrid workplace, we are partnering with brands that have a direct effect on people’s mental health and well being.


We have built our app and backend platform to be as simple as possible to use. We have dashboards with large stats for you to summarise the benefits of using Reef, as well as an easy to use app to find your perfect workspace.


We are all in this together. We want to work with you to help make the move to a hybrid way of working easy and effective. Our app and partners allow you collaborate and track efficiencies when hybrid working.

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