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Partner Spotlight: Nexstand

Posted by Graham, Nexstand on 10 Oct 2022

Anxiety is now common due to employees feeling confused about long term employers’ plans for post-COVID-19 working arrangements. 

Many organisations may have announced that they will embrace hybrid working with a split between working from home and office work going forward, but too few have shared proper guidelines or have clear policies, or expectations and work models in place. 

As part of this, many companies have still not looked properly into making longer term Investments into the remote workstation set up for their teams. How many companies do you know, who have not only surveyed their staff but have sort to fully assess environments?

Still far too many workers are working in homes which are not suitable due to lack of proper space, often without space for an office desk or an adjustable chair. 


A Simple solution

One simple solution for employers is to ensure that their people can work more safely and productively ‘anywhere’ catering for both fully remote and hybrid models of working. The majority of workers now use laptops.  Provision of a remote work kit is therefore essential. 

We recommend, a laptop stand which raises the laptop screen height to a level where the head and neck posture are more neutral, a separate small keyboard and mouse, all of which need to be portable. This enables all workers the freedom to work with a better posture whether in the office, at home or out in a coffee shop or a communal workspace. 


Why is this solution so effective?

Unlike larger items, this kit can work even where very little space is available. It can help adapt areas like a dressing table or a kitchen unit into a more comfortable working space. 

The portability enables fully remote workers to travel and work. For staff working in a more hybrid fashion,  It can encourage those workers to venture out and find other spaces to working around other people as well as occasionally working from home. Developing a more 'social' way of working is essential for many people who enjoyed the company of others when they worked in an office. Utilising public spaces which are equipped for work in terms of Wifi, power and even food and drink also helps many people's mental health by providing respite from isolated working. 

This one adjustment doesn’t just help companies to ensure that they are providing a better ergonomic environment for their people, it also helps to get their people moving and talking again which has a major impact on mental health too.

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