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50% of company owners say employees increase productivity working remotely !

Posted by James on 06 Aug 2021

Hoxby, a virtual agency & consultancy firm, surveyed more than 1,000 UK office workers during the Coronavirus pandemic which also highlights that managers have been welcome by their team’s performances from home where 52% of owners & managers said their employees had been even more productive than in the workplace.   

Around 60% of employees that were surveyed said they preferred working remotely, with the main reason being that they could spend more time with their families. The number of employees with young children surveyed at 72%. Less than 1 in 10 employees was unhappy with working from home, and just under 20% said they preferred being at their workplace. 

Although working remotely, office culture seems to have survived in most teams with more than 50% of owners & managers saying it was stronger than ever, with employee communications continuing in other forms & channels. It was also identified that remote working is good for mental health, with just below 15% acknowledging any negative effects.

Around 25% of all employees expected continuing to remote work for at least 50% of the time after the Coronavirus pandemic and 12% thought they will be working entirely remotely. This was backed up in the survey with 70% of company owners saying that remote working was “the future” for their employees.

Around 30% of company owners suggested that they were thinking of moving their organisation’s entirely to remote working, and 42% were looking to reduce their office space. Although just over 40% of company owners said they would encourage employees to remote work, they would continue to keep similar office working patterns when remote working. 

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